Bellum Active and Runderwear; my thoughts.

Wearing the right gear, not just for aesthetics but also for comfort and ultimate performance, is important to me. Essentially, I want my clothes to look and feel great and both my Bellum Active and Runderwear active wear, do just that!

Bellum Active:

When my Bellum clothing arrived, I was SO excited! After trying the leggings on, and slowly walking away empty handed at BeFit London, I knew I needed to purchase some in the future! Why? Well, I’m about to let you know!


Venus Capri: To look at, the material of the capri’s is as shiny as they are soft; they are just beautiful! The mesh at the back of the calf looks really tasteful when on and stops you from feeling uncomfortably sweaty when you’re working out! The pattern is lovely; not too in your face but enough to feel that you’re looking good in the gym!

Endurance and odour control run top: I LOVE THIS TOP. It looks and feels so soft and is just as snug yet breathable when it is on! I have worn it both in the gym and on a run, and in both cases, it was just as good at the job it states it does.



For both running and the gym these garments are both ideal.  I love that, unlike most run tops, this one has a zip on the back; ideal for your keys! The capri’s have a pocket on the back too! The top has lovely thumb holes; ideal for colder runs and great to stop the sleeves riding up!

The hand zip on the back of the run top! 
The Wear Test:

  1. Both items are SO SOFT when they are on; almost to the point that you don’t want to take them off!
  2. The capri’s feel really smooth when they are on and this stops you from feeling all sweaty and horrible.
  3. The top is great to run in outdoors and for warming up in the gym (you could wear it the whole time but I get too sweaty in long sleeves!!!).  Outdoors, it added a great, extra layer in the cold and kept my hands, that easily go blue, warm!

Price: Both of these items were on the slightly pricier side BUT I feel that you pay for what you get, so they are great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate in buying more Bellum items. The Capri’s are priced at £50 and the top £55!


According to the website, Runderwear is ‘seamless, moisture wicking, breathable and chafe free’, and I can concur  that this is absolutely true.

What I like about Runderwear is how they effortlessly blend practicality with a modern, tasteful appearance. The products come in multiple colours (I naturally went for the bright pink look) and styles; you really can choose what you like best so that you run in ultimate comfort.

Appearance: When you think running underwear, you think granny like and ugly, but I was very pleasantly surprised when my delivery arrived. The bra is REALLY soft, eye catching, practical yet looks good too.  The knickers are the same; they don’s show a knicker line either (always difficult when you’re wearing Lycra)!


The wear test: Once on, you almost feel as if you are wearing no underwear! The elastane within the clothing keeps your underwear in place as you run; no chaffing or movement of clothing once you’re moving! This is ideal as I am often having to hoick up my underwear in a very un-lady like manner when I  run! Once working out, and nice and sweaty, neither pieces rubbed.. ideal!

Price:  At £16 for the briefs and £25 for the bra, I feel that both items are great value for money. Essentially, you pay for what you get and by paying more, you really are running in better comfort.

If you are an outdoor runner, treadmill pacer or HIIT lover, Runderwear will be ideal for you! They work in both a practical and aesthetic manner; 10/10 from me!