Staying on track in the New year…

Many people ask me, ‘Don’t you ever want to skip the meal prep and buy something?’, ‘Don’t you ever just crave a nice, big  chocolate bar?’, ‘Do you ever get up and think that you don’t want to work out?’ and SO MANY more questions about how I stay on track, but you know what? The answer to all of the above questions is YES! Yes, I do sometimes skip meal prep and buy a ready made salad.  Yes, I do crave chocolate and naughty sweet things.  Yes, I do wake up and think, nah, I’m setting the alarm an hour later today, and you know what? That’s because I’m human!!

But, If I do skip that workout or eat that chocolate bar, I still make sure that I stay on track and don’t head down the slippery slope of eating the wrong things and exercising less! So, here are a few of my top tips on how to stay on track and keep to your new year’s resolutions!

Set achievable goals; If you set yourself a goal to do something fitness, food or lifestyle related, don’t make it unachievable but, instead make sure that you can take baby-stepS towards meeting it by the end of the year! My goal this year is to shave 3 minutes of off my half marathon PB time. To do so, I’m going to run 3 half marathons this year with the aim of taking a minute off each time. In the meantime, whilst training, I will do HIIT to aid this, alongside long weekend runs in which I can really pick up the pace!

Run, run, running!

Be consistent and don’t give up; Don’t view a setback as an indication that you need to abandon the whole process. Take a moment, work out what happened and why, and then decide on what you need to do in order to get back on track. ‘All or nothing’ thinking is not the way forward.

Set the same goal as a friend and do it together; ‘sharing is caring’ and ‘double trouble’ are two of my favourite phrases and couldn’t be more apt for this; helping each other out and pushing each other on toward your next step will aid you in succeeding!

Similarly, vocalise your resolution; telling people your plan can help you stick with it, especially if you tell people who will support you. And on that note, surround yourself with people who aren’t likely to sabotage your efforts.

Team Just Eat; we’re making resolutions together to help each other progress! 

With every mini goal you reach, reward yourself; When you get to where you want to be, celebrate! So often in life we go crashing through and onto the next project or job and fail to recognise our success. Treat yourself to that chocolate bar because balance and celebration never hurt anyone!

And, most importantly, GOOD LUCK!


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