5 Benefits of Discovering New Food with Your Family… (Guest post by Jennifer Dawson)

Do you feel bored with eating the same meals everyday? Or, maybe you just fancy trying something different but the kids are too picky and you’d rather them eat dinner rather than waste a new dish you’ve just cooked. But what if they actually like it? And even if they don’t, what’s the worse that can happen? Trying new food not only boosts your healthy food habits but can open up to a world of fresh flavors and tastes for you and your family to benefit from, and here’s how.

1. Variety is the spice of life

Choosing to cook various food with different colours, textures and tastes can introduce a family to a more well-balanced diet in combination with learning about new cuisines and cultures. Starting off by bringing one or two new vegetables to the table to try before cooking a fully blown new dish can change the way daily dinners are cooked in your home and prepare the family to keep an open mind.

This Tuns with sesame and miso is a great choice! 

2. Expands nutritional variety

When you infuse new tastes to the table you’re also broadening the nutritional value that everyone’s eating. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a vegetable, fruit or grain from a subscription box, not only will it expand your palate by trying new meals but you’ll also be provided with health benefits and improve everybody’s immune systems.

3. Sets a good example

Obviously you’ll want to introduce new food that you think the whole family will enjoy but until they’ve all tried it, how will they know? By making the decision to enjoy chickpeas, eggplant or anything else, you’re setting a good example that trying new things is a positive thing which you can all do together.

4. Educational

When you get more enthusiastic about trying new food, you’ll also learn how to cook differently. By choosing a different cuisine on some nights of the week, you and your family can share knowledge about different cultures, the types of food they eat and where it comes from while learning how to cook it at the same time.


5. Being adventurous

If you’re all going to try new food, what do you have to lose? By making it fun and mixing it up at mealtimes can make it feel more adventurous, especially if, for example, you decide to have a Mexican or Greek night once a week. Get the whole family involved in the making and eating of new food where you’re all sitting down together to eat, as this has real benefits too.

Once you’ve got into the habit of trying new foods, you’ll be amazed how different mealtimes can be and the benefits it can have on the health of you and your family.

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