The Importance of choosing the correct running shoe for YOU! 

In the run up to Christmas, if you’re like me, your wish list is looking a little bit like the stock list of a fitness shop! At the top of my list is new running trainers as there is nothing better than that first, bouncy run in your flashy, shines shoes!

However, adding a pair to the list that you’ve chosen based on colour and style may not mean that you are wearing the correct shoes to really get the best from your running and stop you from getting an injury! So, this week @runswindon have come to the rescue and have created a recommendation list for you…

When choosing a shoe we would recommend several relevant factors.

Gait Analysis.

Finding a shoe relevant to your gait is so important to help reduce injury and make your running journey a fantastic experience.

Pop to your specialist running store so they can carry out a gait analysis.
Ideally you should be assessed for hip stability, Pronation levels, form, technique and obviously fit when choosing a shoe.

Is it comfortable? 

Ideally we are looking for a Cinderella fit.

However this is not always immediately possible so a shoe that you feel after several runs or so feels natural to you.

Is it fit for the purpose? 

i.e. Are you looking for a road shoe or a shoe more suitable to the trail.

A shoe for short racing or intervals or a shoe you can do many miles of training in.

This is advise a specialist running store can give you.

So when buying a running shoe always gain expert advise from a specialist running store, try the shoes, run in the shoes and be analysed in the shoes.

Kindest Liam @runswindon
Owner RUN Swindon #happyfeet

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