Porridge week; the round up.

So, this week I’ve collaborated with True Nopal in celebration of World Porridge Day on Monday 10th October.

And, how did I do it? Well, every day this week I’ve make a different porridge bowl using the delicious, hydrating cactus water.

Day 1:

Strawberry Cheesecake Zoats; a tasty  mix of cactus water, oats, grated courgette, strawberry cheesecake flavoured whey protein and then a topping of yogurt, fruit and a dynabites bar!


Day 2:

Chocolate and ginger protein zoats; a tasty mix of cactus water, ginger infused rejuvenation water, oats, cacao powder, grated courgette, cacao protein powder and then a topping of fruits and granola.


Day 3:

Mango and Vanilla Superfood Zoats; a delicious combination of oats, grated courgette, Mango nutriblend, Vanilla hemp protein powder, baobab powder, coconut flour, and cactus water, topped with grapes, a macadamia and coconut protein ball and superfood sprinkles.


Day 4:

Apple and Blackberry crumble overnight oats; a seasonal mixture of vanilla protein powder, grated apple, oats, cactus water, plain yogurt and chia seeds, topped with blackberries and granola.



Day 5: 

A lovely fruity friday; simple vanilla protein oats topped with fruit!



I hope you enjoyed my week of porridge; tag me in any of your recipe re makes!

Hannah x


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