Raw Chocolate and Coconut Protein Bars

When it comes to protein powders, I am REALLY fussy.  You won’t find me in the bargain basement section searching out the cheapest protein as I am all about quality and knowing that I am feeding my body with whole, nutritious and safe sources of food is key to me.
Although it is better to get as much of the protein in your diet from foods naturally high in protein, take eggs and piece of steak for example, sometimes it is easier to reach for a high protein source that comes in a packet, especially to aid my running.
As stated by Puriton on their blog ‘Eating enough protein is essential to maintain a healthy body; it provides us with energy, helps the body fight off illness and disease and keeps the immune system functioning properly. It assists us in maintaining healthy muscles and helps build skin, hair, nails and cartilage.’ And, if you exercise a lot, you need more than average.  But, not only does Puriton protein powder provide to you a protein source, it also contains fibre and healthy fats.
The fibre and fats come in the form of nuts and seeds that are mixed within the 100% natural whey protein.
And, the flavours are delicious! You can have:
Macadamia and Vanilla,
So, if that’s not enough, here is a recipe that I have made (Based on a very similar one by @Spamellab) using the Coconut Whey protein.
Raw Chocolate and Coconut protein bars
You simply need to blend together:
-25g of sesame or coconut flour,
– 25g of desiccated coconut,
– 1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil,
– 35g of tahini paste or nut butter of choice,
– 20g of liquid sweetener,
– 25ml of milk (Dairy or dairy free- just base on personal preference)
Put in to a cling film lined tin and pop in the freezer.
Whilst your base is in the freezer, melt 100g of your chocolate of choice and pour over the top.
Pop back in the freezer and leave to set before cutting in to slices!


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