Blueberry Bread.

I LOVE blueberries; they are 100% my favourite fruit. If I could, I would eat them all day, everyday with both my sweet and savoury meals (cos sometimes I do eat savoury food too)! Plus, with the combination of blueberry and vanilla being one of my favourites, I feel that this loaf is DELICIOUS. So, here is the recipe for you to try!

The protein powder I have used is Misfits Nutrition all natural vanilla pea protein and it is delicious! If you want to use it to, use my code Hannaheats20 for 20% off of your first order!




  1. Combine all of the ingredients EXCEPT the blueberries.
  2. Once the mixture is fully combined, add in the blueberries by gently folding the mixture.
  3. Pour the ingredients in to a lined loaf tin and then pop in to a preheated oven at 160C for 50 minutes!
  4. Take out the oven, sprinkle over some coconut sugar, and leave to cool in the tin!
  5. Once cooled, take out and slice!
  6. ENJOY!


Hannah xxx


Bliss ball bonanza.. 

I LOVE BLISS BALLS; they’re a delicious and simple to make on the go snack or breakfast AND last at least a week in the fridge. 

So, to celebrate this small yet mighty nutrient packed ball, I’ve chosen a selection of my favourite bliss ball recipes to share with you! 

Pumpkin Pie energy bites:

These are my favourite seasonal bliss ball recipe; the sweet cinnamon and ginger combined with the delicious autumnal pumpkin, makes for a tasty treat! And to make them.. you’ll need:

Simply mix all of the ingredients together and leave to set in the fridge. After half an hour, role the mixture in to bite size balls and enjoy! Store in the fridge for maximum shelf life! 

Matcha cranberry balls:

These are a superfood packed ball that I made to aid myself in getting better when I had tonsillitis; maybe it was a placebo effect, but I swear they helped!

You will need:

Simply mix all of your ingredients together until they make a very thick, almost dough like consistency! Pop the mixture in the fridge and then, after half an hour, remove the mixture, role in to balls and keep in the fridge! 

Nutella granola breakfast bites:

These are AMAZING! I think they may be my favourite bliss ball recipe I’ve made so far.. and here is the recipe for you to enjoy! 

You will need:

Simply blend all of the ingredients together in your blender before mixing in 20g of jumbo oats! Leave to set in the fridge before rolling in to balls! 

And, most importantly, enjoy! 
Hannah x

Pumpkin and Spinach loaf.

I created this loaf spontaneously one evening last week when, with pumpkin puree remaining and meal prep looming, I needed something easy to eat for lunch during the week.

A high protein meal that will keep me full until snack time is something that I, alongside most others, desires. Therefore, when making this loaf, I decided to make sure the protein content was as high as possible. I’ve added in protein powder, but, if you don’t have this, a combination of chia seeds and extra flour will do just fine!


You will need:

Simply combine all of the wet ingredients together before mixing in the dry until well combined.

Pop in to a lined loaf tin and then place in a pre-heated oven at 160C for 30 minutes.

Once cooked, remove from the tin before leaving to cool for until required.




Guest recipe: Paleo Pumpkin Quiche

So today I’m treating you all to a delicious guest post recipe from my gorgeous friend @justjosihealth.

We all, well most of us, love quiche and pastry but we all know it’s not the best thing for us and doesn’t really hold that many nutrients, so Josi wanted to create a quiche which was packed with vitamins and also tasted good, so pumpkin season seemed a perfect time to start!


500g steamed butternut squash/pumpkin chunks (it can be peeled but doesn’t have to be!)

30g egg whites

4tbsp coconut flour

30g coconut oil


Place the steamed squash/pumpkin into a processor and blend until smooth

Add the coconut oil and blend again until well mixed

Once cooled slightly add the egg whites and add the coconut flour a spoonful at a time, blending each time till you end up with a smooth mixture

The mixture should be thick enough to hold itself but should be able to be manipulated into place into a quiche dish, so you may need a little more or less coconut flour!

Press down the mixture into a quiche dish, making sure the thickness is consistent all the way round and up the sides – I aimed for about 5mm thick the whole way

Cover the dish with foil and bake for around 30 minutes at 170 degrees

Leave to cool completely, patch over any small cracks before filling

Choose any filling you like and sprinkle into the quiche, top with egg whites until all the fillings are covered

Cover again with foil and bake at 170 for about 30-40 minutes until the quiche has set, removing the foil for the final 10 minutes to brown the top


Pumpkin cheesecake blondie.

It’s Friday, it’s half term and, therefore, we need CAKE CAKE CAKE to celebrate and as its pumpkin week on my blog, Pumpkin cheesecake blondies are what I’m devouring.

And, now you can too as here is the recipe.


For the base you will need:

Simply mix all of the ingredients together, pop in to a small, lined baking tin and then put in the oven for 10 minutes at 150C.

Whilst the base is cooking, mix together:

Pour over the base, top with 50g of granola and place in the oven for a further 10 minutes.


Then, leave to cool and ENJOY!



Raw Pumpkin Cheesecakes.

Okay, so their name is a lie really and I should call them a ‘Cheeselesscake’, but, nonetheless, they are delicious.

Having seen many a pumpkin cheesecake on the internet, and whilst scrolling through pinterest pumpkin recipes, I decided that I had to give a pumpkin cheesecake a go.

These are high in protein, contain no refined sugar and are super tasty, what more could want? Well, in actual fact, they only use 4 ingredients soooo, what are you waiting for?


The Recipe:

Simply blend the granola until it becomes quite sticky and then press an even amount in to the base of 6 cupcake moulds.

Now mix together the remaining ingredients and spread over the base.

Pop in to the fridge for 2-3 hours until set and voila, you have tasty pumpkin cheesecakes.

Guest Post; Pumpkin Spiced Muffins with a Maple Frosting

This seasonal pumpkin spiced muffin recipe is written by the lovely @libbys_health_bites … As I am  featuring pumpkin this week, with Halloween and Thanksgiving round the corner, I asked Libby to get involved and have a go at creating these tasty tea time treats. They are free from gluten and refined sugars – so you can indulge happily!

So, here is the recipe: 

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup spelt flour (or other gluten free flour)
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 2tsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp xanthan gum (gluten free alternative to baking powder)
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2cup egg whites
  • 1.5tbsp date nectar (or natural sweetener)
  • 2tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2cup pumpkin purée


  1. Preheat oven to 180’C. Prepare a 6-cup muffin tin with cases.
  2. In a large bowl, combine both types of flour, baking powder, cinnamon, xanthan gum and salt. Mix well.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine all remaining ingredients. Whisk until mixed well.
  4. Transfer liquid bowl to the large bowl, and stir until just mixed.
  5. Evenly distribute batter into the muffin pan, and smooth.
  6. Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean, 16 – 18 minutes.

For the frosting: place 4 tablespoons of canned coconut milk and two tablespoons of maple syrup in a bowl and using either an electric whisk or beat by hand until smooth. Top with some crushed walnuts or a cinnamon dusting.



PB choc chip pumpkin loaf.

Okay, so in the run up to Halloween I had to get creative with the mighty pumpkin and, seeing as loaf cakes are my thangggg, a pumpkin loaf just had to be on the menu.

But why does everyone rave about baking with the mighty pumpkin? Well…

  1. When cooked, it has a caramel like flavour so adding sweet flavours to your bake without any artificial sweeteners,
  2. It adds SO MUCH moisture; the fluffiest moistest bake. Mary Berry would LOVE; no dry cakes here,
  3. It is full of vitamin C; 100g of pupkin puree can provide 20% of your daily RDA,
  4. It is low calorie; per 100g of pumpkin puree you have just 42 calories (and 100g is ALOT of puree)!,


And, here is the recipe!

You will need:


  1. Combine all of the ingredients until well mixed.
  2. Pour in to a lined baking loaf tin,
  3. Pop in to a pre-heated oven at 150C for 30 minutes or until browned on top,
  4. Take out, leave to cool in the tin for 5 minutes before taking out and grating a little chocolate on top!
  5. ENJOY!



Protein Fudge b-RAW-nies

They’re double chocolate, have a chewy flapjack base and a gooey mousse like topping… what more could you want from a protein bar?
Well.. they’re also free from refined sugar, dairy and, if you like, can be gluten free. Want the recipe? Well here it is…
You will need:
For the base:
70g (2 sachets) of Mornflake chocolate high protein porridge,
100g of Meridian Foods almond butter,
30g of that protein cacao and brown rice protein powder,
1 tablespoon of creative nature super foods cacao powder
Simply blend all of the ingredients together and pop in to a cling film lined baking tray and pop in to the fridge. Whilst this sets make your mousse topping.
For the topping:
1 tablespoon of creative nature superfoods cacao powder,
30g of that protein cacao and brown rice protein powder,
Half of a ripe avocado,
A ripe banana,
A teaspoon of Natvia natural sweetener,
Simply blend all of the ingredients together and spread over the flapjack layer.  You then need to pop the brownie into the freezer for an hour or two before cutting it in to squares. Keep in the fridge once made!
Enjoy xxx


Porridge week; the round up.

So, this week I’ve collaborated with True Nopal in celebration of World Porridge Day on Monday 10th October.

And, how did I do it? Well, every day this week I’ve make a different porridge bowl using the delicious, hydrating cactus water.

Day 1:

Strawberry Cheesecake Zoats; a tasty  mix of cactus water, oats, grated courgette, strawberry cheesecake flavoured whey protein and then a topping of yogurt, fruit and a dynabites bar!


Day 2:

Chocolate and ginger protein zoats; a tasty mix of cactus water, ginger infused rejuvenation water, oats, cacao powder, grated courgette, cacao protein powder and then a topping of fruits and granola.


Day 3:

Mango and Vanilla Superfood Zoats; a delicious combination of oats, grated courgette, Mango nutriblend, Vanilla hemp protein powder, baobab powder, coconut flour, and cactus water, topped with grapes, a macadamia and coconut protein ball and superfood sprinkles.


Day 4:

Apple and Blackberry crumble overnight oats; a seasonal mixture of vanilla protein powder, grated apple, oats, cactus water, plain yogurt and chia seeds, topped with blackberries and granola.



Day 5: 

A lovely fruity friday; simple vanilla protein oats topped with fruit!



I hope you enjoyed my week of porridge; tag me in any of your recipe re makes!

Hannah x